Monday, November 11, 2013

Song on my mind....

When it feels like each day just passes you by.
When each night coalesces into the next in never-ending emptiness.
And all I am is a mute spectator, a statue in a forgotten park.
And the rain just pours.
It is my fate, as time wills, that I remain, immovable in stone, unfaltering in empty gaze.
I watch a solitary dead leaf break off an old tree, carried in the cold wind.
I watch the bronze bench weather before my eyes, yielding to desolation and downpour.
A funeral that no one attended.
As memories flash by - of sunny days, of friendships, of love, of joyful things past.
Seemingly a lifetime ago, never to return.
But that's all that remains.
Memories, memories.
Memories, time, and the rain to wash away my tears.

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Anonymous said...

Tears washing away the memories of the past..