Sunday, December 11, 2011

On The Road to Veganism

As they say, ignorance is bliss. But we humans, being naturally curious, tend to explore reality.

Knowledge once learned, however cannot be un-learned. Denial is a form of mental cowardice, the easiest resolution of the arising cognitive dissonance, to erase conflicting ideas. This resolution brings about the least change in outlook, in the interest of self-preservation by the current mental state.

But the fact is, if the resolution of the dissonance is contrary to our human nature, of compassion and empathy, it is a state of constant war. It impossible to shut out these inherently human qualities from our mind altogether, and so an existing mental state that contradicts these can never survive very long, without turmoil and a subconscious fear and hatred of these human qualities, and the experiences that may cause their manifestation.

And so, here begins the final resolution of the contradicting ideas of empathy and non-vegetarianism. Here begins the road toward Veganism.

The road ahead seems tough, but the conscience is a powerful weapon against obstacles.

Fortunately the battle seems half-won, meat-eating was never part of my diet. Not that it makes the rest of the road any easier, eggs and dairy are formidable opponents.

As the Chinese say, every journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. And so realistically, this transition should be in stages. Giving up eggs is the first step, and let me see how it goes.

Dairy is going to be a tough one, not because of a lack of will, but rather circumstance. Hopefully it will be easier as I become more independent.

Ah, the things we do to humor ourselves.


Mind-pen said...

Way to go! Take it in steps! Take it easy! Its doable and most certainly possible! Good Luck!

Utkarsh Jaiswal said...

Great blog Ramku! :)