Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting a Grip

Every day that passes is a mind game.

Every day presents us the option to do what is right, or what is easy.

Since when did anything become an excuse to not do the right thing? How long can a delusion exist that doing the right thing as an individual can be postponed or ignored?

To do the right thing requires courage. Requires breaking away from complacency. It requires courage because it means doing justice to your conscience. And once you start, your conscience is not easily satisfied. Subconsciously we all know this. Which is why we try to do what it easy, simply because it means we try to blend in with the rest of the world who don't lift a finger to do that right thing. We seek security in the mob. Ultimately afraid to face the truth.

Doing the right thing requires self-sacrifice. Not necessarily on a physical level, but on some level. Sacrifice of time, effort, routine, an appointment, a class or whatever. Again we know this. Doing the right thing is never easy. And so our mind creates excuses. Excuses that in the court of our mind would never hold against our conscience, should that trial ever happen.

Mind against mind.

We are afraid to think. We are afraid to think of all the suffering in the world. We like to take the easy way out - ignore them. Out of sight is out of mind, because we choose it to be so. Because we know that the right path is very difficult.

We like to lose ourselves in the selfish materialistic lives that we lead. Worry about relationships, what others think and all that bullshit. Try to fit in to a society that revels in narcissism and selfishness and shit that ultimately does nothing good. All the while ignoring the truth about the life we are supposed to lead.

But how long can you ignore? A life that did no good to anyone but itself is worthless.

It's now that I understand what the great people that the world has seen like Mother Teresa and the Mahatma are all about. They aren't great because of some physical superiority. They were just strong enough to do the right thing. They saw life for what it is.

That's a choice that faces every one of us today. Yet we ignore it. Until the problem comes to us.

Human nature is odd. We can perceive suffering, we can empathize with suffering, and we know what is required of others should we be suffering. We know what sacrifice is to be done. And yet we ignore.

The great human weakness. Knowing and not acting. Pathetic.

Empathy without action is meaningless.


RR said...

The best teachers are those that teach you what you already know but you didn't know you knew them.

This article is one of them.

RR said...

The best teachers are those that teach you what you already know but you didn't know that you knew it already.

This article is one of them.